Timot's Computers Recycling Services & Terms of Services Agreement

Recycling Services: 
We recycle computers, laptop, desktop, tablets and smartphone for free. At Thimot's Computer Repair Store, Albany, NY feel free to drop-off computers, laptop, desktop, tablets and smartphone and other electronic devices anytime during business hours. We also recycle old laptops, computers, networking equipment and Services.

Computer Recycling Free for Our Customers:
By Recycling your laptop computer with the Thimot's Computer Repair Store will help other Local Residents. We use any working parts to build and resell affordable second hand computers to our community. If you don't believe us we dare you to come into our store and see that we resell computers around $100. By recycling your old computer with us, we can help someone in our community own an affordable computer.

Business Computer Recycling:
Thimot's Computer Recycling Services. We offer pick-up and drop-off services for business computer recycling needs. We can properly dispose of large volumes of unwanted business computers. We can safely recycle computers from local businesses looking to liquidate older or unwanted computers and laptops in bulk. Although we try to accommondate all request availability is dependent on our storage capacity and other factors. Call us for more information and pricing for computer recycling.

Thimot's Computer Repair Store

Recycling Services

Timot's Computer Terms of Services Agreement:
Serving City of Albany NY, Troy NY, Rensselaer NY, Schenectady NY, Greene County NY Columbia County NY and Berkshire MA, with fast, friendly & affordable Computer Repair, Networking, and Graphic Design.

Computer Drop-Off And Abandonment Policy:
All Computer must be picked up within 30 days of repair or owner must call Thimot's Computer Repair Store to make other arrangements. Thimot's Computer Repair Store cannot store repaired units indefinitely therefore any Laptop, Desktop, Tablets, Smartphones and other device or computer not retrieved wihtin 30 days of repairs will be considered abandoned, and subject to sale or recycling by Thimot's Computer Repair Store.

No Hassle Warranty:
We stand behind our computer repair services. if you have any issues with your computer after it is repaired. We have you covered.

Every Computer Repair Includes:

14 days Guarantee on all work!
Free Same Day Service When Possible
Free Hardware and Software Upgrade Quotes
Free System Performance Evaluation
Free Virus Checkup.
Thimot's Computer Repair Store does not provide any warranty when parts are provided by the customer. Software related service carry no warranty but may be warranted at the discretion of Thimot's Computer Repair Store, operating systems service are software services. All Sales are final; the Thimot's Computer Repair Store has a no return policy.

Merifant Thimot



At Thimot's Computer Repair Store in Albany, NY. We repair all brand of Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Phones and Apple Computers. The Cost of most repairs will be given at the time of drop-off, so there will be no surprises. Our experienced techs will listen to your issues and clearly explain what may need to be done and how much it will cost. We'll go out of our way to be sure you're satisfied with our work, and you'll not have to wait more than a few days for your repair to be completed.

*Free Diagnostics and Estimates*


We repair all brands of Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone's & Apple computers

We remove Syskey Scammer Attack.
We unlock MacBook Pro EFI iCloud firmware OSX install. All MacBook Pro models & Years.



153 South Pearl St.
 Albany, NY 12202


Email: [email protected] Phone: 518-937-9194

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